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Squirrel Lodge

Forest of Dean Holiday Home



in the Royal

Forest of Dean


secure  site


holiday base



For families

of up to 5*

Phone Rich on

01952 986341 or 07870809528

After 7pm

phone Sue on

01594 544670 or 07523022194

Detailed description & access statement

The following is given to provide you with enough information on the accommodation and site to ensure that you can make an informed decision on it being suitable for your needs.

Site  Entry

The site is entered through security gates. These are located at the end of the short uneven compacted stone drive off the main road. At certain times you will need to stop your vehicle in front of the gates and manually enter the pass code that we have given you into a keypad located in a central position on the gates. The gate will then open and give you enough time to get back in your vehicle and drive through before the gate will shut behind you. At other times the gate will be open and you will be able to drive straight through.

Finding Squirrel Lodge

Following the compacted stone roadway to the left and down towards the visitors car park you will come to Squirrel Lodge (which is directly to the right of the visitor car park) Your allocated  parking space is directly in front of the lodge to the left of the steps leading up to the front patio doors.

Lodge Entry

The main entrance is around to the left of the lodge up a slabbed pathway which is 0.9m wide and edged to the left of it by lawn. The pathway is well lit by automatic sensor lighting as you enter it. After approximately 2.5m down the pathway there are    4 steps up to the main lodge door. Each step is 160mm high and at this point the pathway is edged to the left with a hand rail up to the lodge door. There are also 4 steps down from the other side of the door to the pathway which continues around the back of the lodge.

Once unlocked the door to the lodge can open 180 degrees and be secured in the open position against the outer lodge wall with a catch. There is a small threshold step to enter the lodge 30mm high. The entrance is 0.75m wide x 1.93m high and leads directly into the lodge kitchen area. Light switches are to the immediate left on the wall.


The kitchen covers an area 3.4m x 2.4m and is lit with 6 ceiling spot lights. The floor covering in the kitchen area is vinyl. Worktops are 0.93m from the floor and are to 3 sides of the kitchen. The micro wave oven has controls which are 1.6m from ground level, the oven is floor standing and the fridge door is 0.95m from the floor and it is on top of the floor standing freezer. The taps in the kitchen sink are lever type.

Heating Control

As you walk out of the kitchen area onto the carpeted area you will see the thermostat to control the heating located on the wall to the front left. This controller is 1.5m from the floor and turned clockwise to increase the heat and anti-clockwise to reduce it. To turn the heating off completely turn anti-clockwise until the dial stops.

Dinning Area

To  the right  of the kitchen exit  the fully carpeted open plan living space continues. Firstly there's  the dinning area which is   2m x 3m with a fully movable dinning table 0.8m wide by  1.5m long  at a height of 0.75m  together with 6 dinning chairs. The dining area is lit with  two multi bulb ceiling lights.   

Living Area

Next to the dinning area is the main living area. Within the 4m x 5.8m area is a leather 3 suite piece, which comprises a single arm chair, double and treble seat settees. In the middle of the area is a movable coffee table. The 53" freeview TV is mounted above the glass fronted coal effect fire and storage areas lie underneath both along the full width of the living area. A storage unit is also provided on the opposite wall. The living area is lit with multi bulb ceiling lights.

All windows in the  dinning  and living areas are covered with vertical blinds. These are rotated closed by gently pulling the cord hanging from the side of the blind.  The blinds can be fully opened  by using the ribbed cord when the  blinds are in the fully open position. Please do not let  children of any age play with these  blinds / cords as   harm may come to them or they can be easily damage the blinds and they will need replacing.


If you turn left when you exit the kitchen area through the door you will enter the corridor to the bathroom and bedrooms. The doorway is 0.7m wide leading to the corridor which is 0.84 wide. On the immediate right is the bathroom which is 1.70m x 2m. The sink has a mixer lever tap and a shower over the bath at the right hand side. The height of the bath side is 0.3m. Lighting in the bathroom is provided by a cabin style light fitting.

Bedroom 1

Leading off the corridor to the left is bedroom 1 which measures 2.8m x  2.97m, the double bed is centrally positioned with  a minimum gap of 0.5m at the foot and 0.75/0.6 on the sides.  There is a bed side cabinet with table lamps on each side of the bed and a dressing table with storage space beneath it and a mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed. In addition to the table lamps the room is light with a multi bulb ceiling fitting. The freeview TV / DVD player is mounted on the wall in the corner of the room. Through the first doorway in the bedroom is the walk in  cupboard/dressing room measuring 1.67m x 1.48m There is plenty of hanging space and extra shelving. Through the second doorway in the bedroom is the en-suite room. This measures 1.67m x 1.48m  and contains a sink with lever taps, a toilet and walk in shower. The room is lit with a  cabin style light fitting.

Bedroom 2

Further down the  corridor outside bedroom 1 is bedroom 2. This measures 2.94m x 2.77 and contains 2 single beds which  are on either side of the room. The gap in the middle of them is 0.6m wide and contains a bed side cabinet with a table lamp at the head of the beds. The room is lit with a multi bulb ceiling fitting and the TV/DVD player is mounted on the wall at the foot of the beds. The doorway leading off the bedroom leads to a walk in cupboard / dressing room which is 1.17m x 2.06m with plenty of hanging space and extra storage shelving.

Single put up bed – The 5th bed is a single pull out bed suitable for a child. The bed is stored in the walk in storage area in bedroom 2. When un-folded it will fit between the twin beds or can be put up in the living area to suit individual guest requirements.


Besides the  main entrance there are further doors for exit purposes. The keys to these additional doors are kept in the Lodge  and are for emergency purposes only. One exit door  is from the side of the dinning area and the other  is a double patio door leading out from the  living area.

Outside the  Lodge

Outside through the kictchen exit    to the right  down the steps and  along the pathway you will find the outside storage area. Keys to this is found in the lodge.

Walking around in hours of darkness

The site and  lodge are well lit but as an extra safety measure we recommend that you bring and use a  good torch when walking about especially outside of the site area as some roads and walkways may be uneven and country side lighting sometimes sporadic

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